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since 2016

Owner, Master Herbalist & PEMF Technician

Shirley Bossert, is owner of the Edson Pain Relief & Wellness Centre, and is a Master Herbalist graduate of the 6 year Master Herbalist Program,of the Wild Rose College of Natural Medicine, where she studied Traditional, Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese Materia Medica. 

She believes gentle natural medicine is often our best first line of defense and focuses on providing a curated health plan using carefully selected natural products, many of which are custom made by her Apothecary to maintain quality and value.
With extensive knowledge of how nutrients, in certain foods and herbs, can help enhance the body's ability to heal and repair, Shirley specializes in recovery, chronic conditions, immune optimization and general maintenance of good health.  As a PEMF technician, Shirley also offers in person services for relieving pain and improving circulation.  She formulates special herbal creams and lotions for managing pain.

Shirley has a passion for relieving stress and improving anxiety using safe herbs and a fun biofeedback program. 

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S. Bossert, Master Herbalist, Specializing in preventative health and obtaining wellness.


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