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Eating as organic as possible is IMPORTANT

Organic Foods

A little savings means a lot!

Our mission is to order monthly from OM Foods in British Columbia.  Their quality is exceptional....fresh and wholesome.   Their prices are the most competitive that I have found.....beating Costco in most cases!  

In the future, items may be sold in the Apothecary & Boutique.


How it Works!

Orders are placed the first week of each month.

By grouping our orders together, we receive an extra  2% savings discount more than we would by purchasing on our own. 

OR if your order is under $150, you save on free shipping.

Orders $500 and higher receive an 8% discount.

(This offer is not available through OM Foods directly)

Group your order WITH FRIENDS

to reach the $500 (must be placed by one person)


 Phone Shirley at 780-723-3210 for more information

Discounts require that we place a high minimum order.  If our order does not qualify that month, I will notify you to see if you want to wait for the next month's to order.

Email transfers are required on the first day of the month before ordering.

I am really not making a profit on this.... I am enabling organic shopping at a savings for you and myself!

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