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the Boutique

Walk into our magical place  filled with beautiful gifts, clothing, teas and so much more!

We currently have irregular hours due to a shortage of people to worl.  Watch for the OPEN sign or phone 780-723-3210 to arrange a time....

5339 4th Avenue, Edson, AB

We also have Bulk Herbs and our Custom Herbal Products Apothecary

Our Signature Line of Specialized ArtisanHerbal Teas
             formulated by a Master Herbalist

Our Specially created artisan teas are unique, delicious and have awesome herbal benefits!

It is against Health Canada Regulations for me to advertise the health benefits of these unique herbal teas, but please don't hesitate to contact me to get more information.  Or join our private Facebook group. 

Linden - the 'Cup o' Calm'

'Lemony linden and catnip'

Greek Mountain

'Super Star Anise'

Labrador and White Willow

'Cinnamony apple and pineapple'

the orange infused 'Waiste Away'

'for a zero calorie snack attack'

Santevia Water Systems

Santevia’s countertop and pitcher filters are able to remove 99% of the chlorine from your tap water! And yet the benefits don't stop there...✨✨✨ Santevia water filters reduce chlorine, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes, heavy metals, organic chemicals, while also adding essential minerals magnesium and calcium raising the pH and alkalinity of your water.💧 #CleanWater #MineralWater #Alkaline #Santevia #pH #WaterFilter

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