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Quality Supplements and Herbs

Our products are chosen by a master herbalist for their quality and affordability.

We are open by appointment only but purchases can be made by phoning 


Form information is required for some herbal products. 

Click here to fill it out and submit it to the Master Herbalist.

Herbal Medicine

The products for sale are chosen for quality, science and affordability.

Also, check out our BULK HERBS for sale


A little TLC, THC and many other anti-inflammatory and pain relieving herbs go into a variety of products for topical use only. 


Formulated just for you! 

Custom formulations are less expensive than purchasing 3 or more herbs.

Some clients prefer tinctures, some prefer gummies....your choice.

Our Signature Aesthetic

Natural Soap and Flowers

and much more!

Santevia, Mediherb, Pectasol, Shaklee, PlantVital, Harmonic Arts, Gaia, California Gold, Herb Pharm, Apothecary, and more...

Phone 78-723-3210
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